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The one thing that many new parents have in common, besides countless sleepless nights, is the desire to capture their child's babyhood with cute, clever and memorable baby keepsake gifts.

baby keepsake gift graphic Not only do they want to do this out of sheer love and joy for their child, but can you imagine the heartache a child might feel as they get older to realize their parents did nothing to commemorate their infancy and all their milestones growing up? 

It would be heartbreaking; this is especially true for younger brothers and sisters if the first born has a number of keepsake items marking his or her special moments.

One of the most popular ways in which parents mark these special milestones today is with cute and fun scrap-booking items. This way they can keep notations of all baby's firsts such as first smile, first tooth, first haircut, first bath, the ever important first steps... and who could forget rolling over for the first time or how cute it is when the little ones discover clapping? 

Even though all babies go through the same developmental milestones, it is important to givebaby keepsake gifts image each child their own scrapbook if that is the route you are going to take with your baby keepsake gifts.

Other incredibly popular baby keepsake gifts include hospital bracelet holders which have a place for the bracelet mother and child wore while in the hospital as well as a frame for a special photograph; birth certificate holders made of durable stainless steel that will endure the test of time while keeping your child's birth certificate safe and secure. 

Too, in light of the fact that mother's can opt for three dimensional ultrasound pictures so they can see what their baby's features are going to look like, there is the option of giving an ultrasound frame as a keepsake gift.

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If you get the frame engraved with a special saying, or if the parents know the sex of their child and have already chosen a name, engraving the baby's name on the frame will make the gift special, unique and quite personal; all perfect traits for that special keepsake gift.

By putting in some time and effort, you can choose the perfect baby keepsake gifts that will be treasured for years to come.

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Baby Keepsake Gifts – Three Ideas for a Good Keepsake
Baby keepsake gifts are sometimes difficult to find. Most people become confused as to what kind of item would last forever to keep reminding the gift receiver of a certain event that shouldn’t be forgotten. Keepsakes are often unique, and the sky is the limit for what you can give. If you’re still drawing blanks, read on as this article will provide some ideas for a good keepsake.

For Every Achievement

Did you know that medals and school certifications are forms of keepsakes? With that said, you can give the baby something that reminds you of an achievement. It doesn’t have to be bought, and it could be anything. For instance, when the baby learned how to walk way before the time that anyone expected, you can give your kid a necklace of a wooden frame with an imprint of a foot, or something to that effect.


Keepsakes can also revolve around religion if you are a spiritual person and you want to introduce the baby to the same faith. Taking from the example above, an event like baptism can be an opportunity for you to give the baby a rosary or a bible to mark the baptism date. Most bibles have empty pages where you can write something dedicated to the baby and when the baby grows up he or she can write in that area as well. Even better, it can be passed on to your grandkids in the future.


If you’re in the tradition of passing down a family heirloom through generations, then you may give that heirloom to your baby. Of course, that depends on what the heirloom is. If the baby can’t use it yet, you may create a glass box to put the heirloom in along with any other keepsakes for your baby that commemorates a memorable event in his or her life.
Baby keepsake gifts can be anything, and you don’t have to think long and hard about what to give. The most important aspect of keepsakes is the sentimental value that goes along with the item. When choosing keepsakes, bear in mind the emotional attachment to those items and you’re all set. Click here for more information about baby keepsake gifts.

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