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So, you have been invited to partake in that wonderful ritual known as the baby shower.

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You've known the mom to be for several years now and you adore her completely. You are incredibly excited for her and the impending arrival of her little bundle of joy, but you have absolutely no idea what to give her for a shower gift

Since you are friends, you have to get something for a shower gift or risk hurting your friend's feelings by causing her to think you may not care about her as much as you do. Well, if you are at a loss for what to give, keep reading because there are a number of cool baby gifts that you can bestow on your friend and her little prince or princess.

In today's world of energy conscious and Eco friendly everything, it makes perfect sense that some really cool cool baby gifts pink bagbaby gifts are also of the green variety. Not only are you giving your friend something truly unique and special, but you are also making an effort to help cut down on green house gasses that are emitted in to the atmosphere thus making the world a little bit safer for our children to grown up in.

Too, given that people are choosing to go green more and more, the variety of cool baby gifts that are Earth friendly is almost as vast as your choices for regular toys. One of the best ways you can present your present is in the form of a gift basket

Bundling several organic toys - such as stuffed animals for cuddling; wooden animals, like pull along ducks, for playing and development. And wooden blocks for the endless game of building towers and knocking them over again - with some cute organic articles of clothing - that perhaps you have monogrammed with the baby's initials or last name. 

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This can be topped off with several organic baby care products like bath soap, shampoo, lotion and diaper rash cream - will make, not only an impact statement, but a truly one of a kind gift. 

With the thoughtfulness of this gift, your friend will be happily touched by your kindness and is bound to feel how much you care for her, her child and the Earth.

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Cool Baby Gifts – Go Green
Sustainable development, renewable energy, and everything related to the green movement seems to be the department of adults. Well guess what? Whether you’re the parent or if you’re trying to give your friend’s bundle of joy a gift, you’re the adult! Just because you’re giving it to a baby doesn’t mean you can’t go green. Besides, a lot of baby stuffs made out of organic materials are cool. If they’re not cool, you can simply make them cool! Let me explain this advantage along with others.


Organic baby gifts are unique, since it takes “thinking really hard on what makes a good gift” to another level. Cool baby gifts are something that not a lot of people can think of, and organic gifts do pretty well in that regard. As stated above, if the gifts don’t come as cool, you can modify them to make them unique and cool! For instance, beddings, pillowcases, and other textile-based gifts can be embroidered with the baby’s name.


There are a lot of safe non-green products, but there are cases where the baby’s sensitive skin just doesn’t go well with certain materials. You may have noticed that there are a lot of cases where babies develop some kind of a rash with certain materials. This is due to the various chemicals in the fabric. For instance, synthetic dyes can be irritable to the baby. Chemicals used in growing cotton may linger in the fabric and irritate your baby. Green baby gifts saves from any of these problems.


Cool baby gifts don’t have to revolve around just clothes. In fact, it’s not strongly recommended to give a lot of clothes since the baby will not take long in outgrowing them all. Green unique gifts can come in the form of toys, too. What can make your baby appear more stylish is if the room is designed the green way. Bamboo cribs, wooden strollers, and everything green that matches.
If you’re looking for cool baby gifts, organic ones would fit the bill perfectly. If you’re a green enthusiast, then you hit two birds in one stone by giving a gift and orienting the baby in the green movement. Click here for more information about cool baby gifts.

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